Virtual Walks in Ireland

Explore Ireland - Take Virtual Walks in Galway, Limerick, and an Irish Country Estate - and Never Leave Home!

Your treadmill can transport you to Ireland, to a green forest on an Irish Country Estate or through the cities of Galway and Limerick!

If you love Ireland, its history and incredible scenery, then you'll love taking one of our virtual walking tours through different sections of Ireland, such as:


Your 1 hour Ireland Nature Virtual Walk begins on a spring day deep in a forest in western Ireland. As you turn and head down a woodland path, you notice that the Irish forest is populated with a variety of plants. During your 60 minute walk you pass through old brick and stone walls on the grounds of an historic Irish country estate. Your walk takes you through ever changing woodlands with large evergreen trees which have taken on unusual shapes.

The Irish forest is alive with bird sounds on a spring day and walking further on the path takes you ever deeper into the forest. You are alone in the green woodlands - a solitary walker deep in a mature Irish forest which, in spring, takes on a new life, as the trees begin to grow with a new vitality. Ireland in May is a walker's paradise. Your walk is filled with an idyllic natural environment where moss and ferns interplay with old-growth cedar and fir trees. Nature lovers will appreciate this peaceful 60 minute walk on your treadmill.


Your 60 minute Galway-Limerick Virtual Walk begins outside the Kennedy Park in Galway walking towards Williams Gate. You pass through busy Shop Street, crowded with shoppers and turn onto Mainguard Street on the right walking towards Bridge Street. From Bridge Street you turn right and enter a greenway that follows the River Corrib and from time to time you pause to take in the beautiful scenery.

Continuing on, you walk along Newtownsmith Street and then, the next section of your Galway walk takes you through Buttermilk Walk and then through Buttermilk Lane, then through an indoor shopping mall before returning to busy Shop Street. But this time, we take a left down High Street, past numerous Irish pubs. Then crossing Father Griffin Road, you come to Galway Bay and on to The Long Walk - a street that parallels Galway Bay. The Galway section of the 60 minute walk ends at an idyllic vista.

The Limerick section of the walk begins beside scenic George's Quay and continues on to Charlotte's Quay. The next section of your walk takes you to the Mariners' Memorial beside the Shannon River and after walking further down The Bishop's Quay, you pause to admire some residents of the waterfront. The 60 minute walk next takes you to Limerick's Peoples' Park, the city's principal park. A lush green sanctuary in the middle of the city, the park has a unique ornate Victorian drinking fountain.

Next, you experience Limerick's shopping district, not quite as busy as Galway's streets. You'll follow O'Connell Street and pass a statue featuring a rugby player and a hurler. After pausing to view Limerick's historic Treaty Stone, your 60 minute Virtual Walk ends near Thomond Bridge.

Whether you use these Virtual Walks to make the time spent exercising on your treadmill FUN, or use them as a way of "relaxing" after a hard workday, you'll delight in the amazing scenery and vitality captured in these DVDs and HD Downloads.

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Another customer wrote: "I lived in Ireland as a child. My grandmother took me to this same location over 50 years ago and we walked this same path together. It is amazing how this location has never changed and it looks exactly the same as I remembered it. It brought tears to my eyes just watching it. I really enjoyed this video. Very well put together."

So if you love Ireland, its famous sites and history, then pick out a location and order either a DVD or a High Def Download today. Tomorrow you could be taking a treadmill virtual walk in a forest on an Irish Country Estate or in the historic cities of Galway and Limerick. So much history and vitality here, waiting for you to experience while you exercise!